St. David’s is Closed in Support of Public Health Efforts

The church is closed, but God is still open.

New!    Hope: A Pastoral Letter from Bishop Rickel

As much as we regret the need to cancel worship services, we are also very aware of the need to help protect the health of our community.  All meetings in our buildings are canceled to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Gathering on “The Lord’s Day” to pray and break bread together has been the core ritual practice of our faith for two millennia. To give this up is disconcerting, to say the least.

But the church building is not the Church, and the core value of our faith is love of one’s neighbor.  In these difficult days, that means cooperating with public health advisories to reduce the spread of  contagion.  So check on neighbors who may need assistance, maintain 6 feet of distance, and wash those hands!

Although our buildings are closed, we remain a community of faith and people of God, members of the Body of Christ, in communion with one other on this island, throughout our diocese, and around the world.

Our outdoor Chartres-style Medieval Labyrinth remains open to the public around the clock.  Walking the labyrinth can be a calming and centering practice in times of anxiety.

While we cannot gather together in the body, we remain united in spirit.  For as long as our buildings are closed, we will continue to post news and opportunities for online participation in worship, and publish our email Midweek Newsletter for members.

And the Peace of Christ, which is beyond all human understanding, be with you always.

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