The St. David’s Parish Profile Committee is pleased to share that our parish profile has been approved both by the bishop and by the vestry. This document represents months of meetings to craft, administer, and interpret an effective survey of our congregants; long discussions to find agreement about the right tone and language to strike in describing our challenges and achievements; and many, many hours of writing and editing to try to capture what is most essential about our beloved church and its people. Our vestry and assisting members have worked to complete a questionnaire from the Office of Transition Ministry that will be posted along with the parish profile to help achieve a match with a new rector. The torch has now been handed from the Profile Committee to the Search Committee that will represent St. David’s as we prepare to enter into mutual discernment with candidate priests.

The diocese will post our job opening for eight weeks, with interviews to begin immediately afterward if the time is right for our new rector to answer our call.

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