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Our Goals
Our Teachers
The goals of our program are to:
-Value each child as an individual
-Understand and meet the developmental needs of each child
-Provide opportunites for children to gain confidence and a healthy self-concept
-Encourage children to become active participants in their learning through experience and exploration of hands-on materials
-Teach problem solving, decision making and conflict resolution
-Promote creativity as inspired by varied child-centered approaches
-Encourage in children an acceptance of others by establishing a classroom community

We plan each day so that children will:
-Receive individual attention
-Feel safe and secure
-Develop satisfying relationships with other children and adults
-Develop self-discipline
-Experience successes in order to develop a positive self-image
-Learn to respect the personal and property rights of others
-Develop intellectual and physical skills

Head Teacher, Margaret Barker, has more than twenty years of experience teaching Kindergarten at The Lexington School in Lexington, KY and fourteen additional years teaching at the preschool level. Mrs. Barker has been a presenter at local, state, and national NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) conventions. Margaret and her husband have been residents of San Juan Island since 2006.
Carmen Tompkins has a degree in Elementary Education from Montana State University. Mrs. Tompkins has seventeen years of experience teaching in co-op and private preschools in western Washington. She moved to Friday Harbor with her husband and two sons in 1999.
Saint David’s Day School
A ministry of St. David’s Episcopal Church
780 Park Street
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
Contact: Margaret Barker