Compost Crew Chipping Party April 27

Volunteers & participants wanted on Saturday, April 27, for a chipping party at St. David’s! This is not chip-and-dip, but a work party to reduce woody material to mulch. The final chipped material may be used around the campus by our landscaping maintenance volunteers, or it may be used in the composting effort under the Stewardship grant. In any case, it’s a win-win. Please deliver material to be chipped to the composting site at the end of the unpaved parking behind Gryphon Hall before you go to the Farmers Market (as early as 9 am) or until 11 am.

We will have demonstration piles for you to add to. We cannot handle logs or tree trunks, the maximum diameter of material is ~4″. We have to be able to easily handle it, so it should be cut up if over 25 lbs. We will take the following types of materials from members of our church community, separated as noted.

YES – can be mixed:

  • trimmings from deciduous trees
  • trimmings from fir trees
  • trimmings from any shrubs


  • trimmings from cedar trees
  • trimmings from madrona trees

NO, none, not at all:

  • ocean spray
  • root balls
  • rocks

For more information or questions, contact Nancy Heacox or Fiona Norris.

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