Emergency Info

October 18, 2017

Dear SDDS Families:

As you know, we in Washington live in “earthquake country” where we know a major earthquake can happen at any time. The last week has included quite a few “earthquakes” during our Choice Time, which has, in turn led to many discussions about earthquake safety. Some of you may have heard of the Great (Washington) Shakeout Drill happening tomorrow, October 19th at 10:19am.  If you are unfamiliar with this event and would like to learn more about it or about emergency preparedness, please visit shakeout.org/washington, or the Emergency Management Department for San Juan County, or follow them on Facebook.

Other potential emergencies also create the possibility that children may have to remain in the protective environment of the school for an extended period. Please know that in cases of emergencies or natural disasters we will remain at school to care for all students until they can be safely reunited with you.

If an emergency should happen while you are off-island, school/church staff will remain with your child for as long as necessary. Your child will only be released to you or to a person that you have designated on our Emergency Contact List. It is therefore very important that you select trusted individuals with whom you have discussed your emergency plan for your emergency contact list. If you

In addition, we ask you please to provide a COMFORT BAG for your child in case of emergency. The COMFORT BAG should be a 1gallon sealed plastic bag clearly marked with your child’s full name. Inside should be the following items:

  • 2 high energy, long-lasting, no-salt snack items that your child likes to eat, such as granola bars or dried fruit.
    (Please know that we have a supply of emergency water and food at school.)
  • A family photo with a note from you on the back.
  •  A small and familiar comfort item (stuffed animal or favorite toy, etc..).

At the end of the school year the bag will be returned to you – hopefully unused. We’ll ask you to refresh your supplies at the beginning of the next school year.

These measures will help us to take care of your child. They should also allow you to be part of the solution, to be able to focus first on helping the people immediately around you, and to then reunite safely with your child as quickly as conditions safely allow.

Thank you,
Margaret, Carmen, and Kim