The goals of Saint David’s Day School’s program are to:

      • Value each child as an individual
      • Understand and meet the developmental needs of each child
      • Provide opportunites for children to gain confidence and a healthy self-concept
      • Encourage children to become active participants in their learning through experience and exploration of hands-on materials
      • Teach problem solving, decision making and conflict resolution
      • Promote creativity as inspired by varied child-centered approaches
      • Encourage in children an acceptance of others by establishing a classroom community

We plan each day so that children will:

      • Receive individual attention
      • Feel safe and secure
      • Develop satisfying relationships with other children and adults
      • Develop self-discipline
      • Experience successes in order to develop a positive self-image
      • Learn to respect the personal and property rights of others
      • Develop intellectual and physical skills