Seven Sacred Breaths – A Yogic Perspective on the Daily Offices

How many of us long to feel God’s daily presence in our lives?
Perhaps we are like the Israelites who wonder, “Is the Lord
among us or not?”  — Exodus 17:7

Join Heidi Green, Yoga Instructor and co-author of Yogadevotion: Practicing in the Presence, for a special workshop from 2-4 pm on Saturday, Oct. 20. Here is what Heidi says about the workshop:

One way to increase our awareness of God’s presence is by increasing our breath awareness.  Ruach (Hebrew), Pneuma (Greek), and Spiritus (Latin) are all words used in ancient times meaning both breath and spirit.  And medical science agrees—how we breathe affects our nervous system promoting anxiety or calm, and it even affects the quality of our sleep.  

In this workshop we will look at the intersections between orthopraxy (right practice), yoga breath work, and medical science.  In particular, we will examine the benefits to body, mind, and spirit of a simple breath prayer practice tied to the Seven Daily Offices.  This workshop will include presentation, discussion, and breath work designed for EVERY body.

Heidi’s workshop will take place in the church building at the corner of Park & Marguerite.

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