What’s Composted/What’s Not Composted

What exactly are we going to put into the compost bins?

  • Greens like grass clippings, flowers and leaves (chipped if necessary), vegetable leaves and stalks, fallen fruit.
  • Browns like autumn leaves, chipped twigs and stalks, shredded paper (not colored or coated or waxed), cardboard, paper towels, paper napkins, tissues.

To layers of these we will add some manure and previously composted materials.

What are we NOT going to add?

  • Any clippings treated with herbicides, diseased plant material, pet waste, weed seed heads, or large amounts of evergreen needles, cones.
  • Weeds such as Ivy (which would simply keep growing!)
  • Meat, fish, poultry products cooked vegetables or fruit.

Is it worth doing?

YES! An estimated 30% of the waste sent from the islands is yard waste which could be composed and returned to the soil. This reduces the amount of methane produced in landfills and reduces our need to buy compost.