What’s the Buzz with St. David’s Composting Project?

It’s the week of September 24, 2018, and we are actively composting!!! We have material processing in Bin #1! But first some explanation:

Three compost bins. Bin #1 is on the far right side in this photo.

We are using a 3-bin composting system. (Check out the beautiful bins behind Gryphon Hall, at the east end of the campus.)

Bin #1. This is where the magic begins. Green material, such as grass clippings, are mixed with brown material, such as chipped branches, and a bit of starter such as blood meal. Through God’s wonderful processes, this material starts to break down. When the temperature reaches 140° we will turn most of the material into Bin #2, retaining some in Bin #1 as a starter. We can then add new material to Bin #1, and it will process more quickly because of the partially composted material that remains in Bin #1.

Bin #2. This is where the material continues to break down. We will be turning this pile frequently to ensure thorough processing. When the material has been broken down to relatively fine texture, it will be turned into Bin #3.

Bin #3. This is the holding bin. Material that is placed here is mature compost (aka “black gold”); this is where we will store material that is ready-to-use on the landscaping.

At this time, we are using materials from the St. David’s campus only. We have a lot of existing grass clippings from the campus to compost. As summer changes to fall, we will have leaves also. We will be tracking the length of time that the material stays in Bin #1 and measuring that against the supply of green and brown material from the campus. We have also toyed with the idea of adding a separate worm bin for food scraps – stay posted!!