Excellent progress is being made on the Rectory Remodel since beginning on February 16th, and we are blessed to have Adam Champlin, licensed carpenter, donating many hours to this project.  As can be seen in the attached photos, the framing of the firewall with sheetrock is effectively creating the two separate spaces, Residential and Commercial (Offices/Godly Play).  Once the firewall is completed then on to infrastructure overhaul (Plumbing & Electrical), and further reports will happen at that time.  By the way, the weekly remodel team meetings (Fridays at 4:00 PM) have proven to be very productive with input from architect Karl Eberhard, contractors Kurt & Peggy Long, Adam Champlin and John  Thompson.  This Team effort ensures that the myriad details of the project are addressed and resolved! 


Thank you to everyone who has pledged to the Capital Campaign since the presentation on February 19th.  Fourteen new pledges have been received totaling $26,700 (before the match).  Of those pledges, $17,425 has been paid.  Adding the new pledges to the ones made in 2022, the total pledged comes to  $157,850.  A total of $115, 975 has been paid.  The total pledged does not include the $50,000 matching challenge of which $23,300 remains to be raised to meet the match.

The Remodel Campaign Presentation may be accessed via the following link: